Diaper Junkie

diaper junkieTrained with ABDL hypnosis to become a diaper junkie. Addicted to diapers and always looking to score your next diaper fix. Just like you’ve always dreamed about. Now’s your opportunity to train to achieve your goals. Drop deep down into a trance. Listen and hear the triggers, become aroused and excited at the thought of being addicted to diapers. This is what you want. Always thinking about them, always wanting to wear them, to use them, to feel them on your body next to your skin. It drives you to distraction. It’s a distraction you want. It’s what you know you need but most of all, this is what you know you want. You will train to make happen.


Your obsession with diapers grows every day as your trance deepens as you listen. You crave diapers like a junkie craves a fix. This is your fix. You find you will do anything for your next diaper score. Anything your diaper Mistress commands of you. You crave to feel diapers securely fit to your body, ready to be used, ready to be dirtied up. It’s a craving you cant control that gets deeper every day. You truly are addicted to your diapers.

Includes: ABDL, diapers, diaper training, triggers, mistress hypnosis, control hypnosis, abdl hypnosis, mesmerize, trance training, messy, diaper mistress

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Length : 19, 10 mins, 45 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00

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