Discover the little inside you

Meet Jenny

Welcome little one to Tiny Beehive. My ABDL hypnosis website. My name is Jenny and I will be your mentor on your journey into the little world. This is a safe space where you can explore and play. Childhood is magical and I’m here to help you recapture some of the magic.

A little about me. I’m Jenny DeMilo, I first became interested in theatrical storytelling in college where I studied voice acting with one of the original Disney Storybook ladies.  I was trained by the best in how to turn a phrase and use my voice to convey feelings and emotions. I try to bring all that training here to Tiny Beehive, where we can explore the magic of childhood together.  It is my pleasure to safely guide you into the little world.

You may already know me from my other work in erotic hypnosis. This is the other side of my coin, my nurturing side, the side that welcomes you to the world of childhood magic. If you are looking for my erotic hypnosis please go to my erotic hypnosis site.