Making Messes

Making MessesYou feel safe and happy. You are most happy when you can just be our little self. All cozy and warm in your jammies with your teddy. Laying looking up at the painted stars on your ceiling. The stars comfort you and help you to get into little space where you are happy warm and safe. Were you can just be you and that includes using your diaper. It feels so good to just allow yourself the use your diaper. With the comfort that that the diaper will catch any of your mess. If it’s wet, your diaper will catch it. If it’s a stinky your diaper will catch that too. You will get so comfortable using your diaper at home in your safe bed and crawling on your soft carpet that you might even venture out into the word. Knowing your diaper is there to catch any accidents or messes and thats OK. Its Ok to just be you, little one.

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