ABDL Hypnosis Bedwetting Diaper

Bed Soaker

Take a long trip into the world you know you belong in. Training to be who you want to be who you know you are. Be a bed soaker. Your bed is a magical place, the best place, the ultimate comfortable place where you can just be yourself, your most relaxed, your most comfortable, it […]

ABDL Hypnosis Bedwetting

You Are A Bedwetter

Bed wetting training for little ones and big ones, become what you what to be, your true self, a bed wetter. Its a wonderful warm happy feeling when you allow yourself to just let go, to just release to become a bed wetter. My guiding hand will help you get there, to recognize you have […]

ABDL Hypnosis

Magic Bubble Maker

A sweet relaxed drop into little space. A warm, safe way to train yourself to drop into little space whenever you need to or want to be there. This drop was created to give you the tools and skills to be able to take that slide into little space easily and with out complications, where […]