ABDL Hypnosis Diaper

Diaper Junkie

Trained though ABDL hypnosis to become a diaper junkie. Addicted to diapers and always looking to score your next diaper fix. Go deep into trance and hear the triggers become aroused and excited at the thought of being addicted to diapers. Always thinking about them, always wanting to wear them, use them feel them on […]

ABDL Hypnosis Bedwetting Diaper

Bed Soaker

Take a long trip into the world you know you belong in. Training to be who you want to be who you know you are. Be a bed soaker. Your bed is a magical place, the best place, the ultimate comfortable place where you can just be yourself, your most relaxed, your most comfortable, it […]

ABDL Hypnosis Bedwetting

The Wet You

Bed-wetting hypnosis training. Traditional and non traditional hypnosis to turn you into a bed wetter, the wet you. The dry you will be gone forever, only the wet you is left. This session has traditional hypnosis elements including affirmations and call and response. All the bells and whistles. You’ve always wanted to be able to […]