Baby Regression

Let me take you to a warm safe space where you can relax and go deep into trance. Once there I will guide you with my voice, in a comforting and direct way to regress. Regress all the way to your baby self. To a place of safe secure firsts, the baby place. Your first thoughts, feelings and skills will be remembered. From emerging into the world, to taking your first steps, to beginning to learn how to communicate your needs and wants. Your baby world is wide open for you little one, its there so you can remember those first feelings, those special feelings,in a safe secure place of warmth and comfort, remember the feelings of firsts. This age regression session has both a traditional induction and a traditional awakening.

Includes: Adult baby, age regression, induction, awaking, traditional hypnosis, safe space, age play, mind opening, guided meditation, female lead, guiding hand, littles, bigs, paraphilic infantilism, ADBL, bird sounds, triggers, whispers, ASMR

Listen: Baby Regression Preview

Length : 33 mins, 47 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00

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