Babyland: Age regression ABDL hypnosis

Age regression ABDL hypnosisAge regression ABDL hypnosis. Come little one lets take you back though the years. From your teen-aged years all they way back to when you took your first baby breath. Let me guide you on this journey to Babyland where you always were safe, warm and happy. Join me in little space and lets capture some of those magical baby feelings. The feelings of warmth safety and happiness. Where all your baby needs are met. It’s a special place Babyland, lets explore it together. This is an age regression hypnosis that will help you get to those long past baby feelings so that you can recapture them and learn to access them whenever you choose to.

Includes: ABDL hypnosis, age regression, hypnosis, guided meditation, adult baby, baby feelings, abdl, induction, little, safe space, age play, little space

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Length : 24 mins, 45 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00

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