Butterfly Hypnosis Induction

hypnosis inductionA quick and effective hypnosis induction to bring little ones to trance. Follow the butterfly little one, as it floats and flutters and drops you into a safe warm and happy trance where your mind opens to all the possibilities of your little world. This induction can be listened to before any of my mp3s or before any of my colleagues mp3s. Its a soft and soothing induction that is effective for the experienced subject as well as those who are new and just looking to get their little feet wet. This session is a quick drop of just five minutes and the price reflects that.

Includes: Induction, guided meditation, female lead, hypnosis, traditional hypnosis, ASMR, whispers

Listen: Butterfly Induction Preview

Length : 5 mins, 02 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $12.00

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