ABDL Hypnosis Bedwetting Diaper

Wetting And Messing

Hello little one welcome to wetting and messing where you will learn that wetting (especially wetting) and messing is just a natural part of your little life. Training to allow yourself to release and let go where ever you are, what ever you are doing. Messing can happen too and that’s OK. You are safe […]

ABDL Hypnosis Bedwetting

Bedwetter Affirmations

Positive bed wetting affirmations to further your training to be the ultimate bed wetter. Listen to these repetitive affirmations with subliminal suggestions and whispers awake or asleep and watch your bed wetting results increase ten fold. You’ve always wanted to be able to be free enough to just let go and wet the bed. You […]

ABDL Hypnosis Diaper

Diaper Training Wet And Dry

Diaper dependence and reliance training. Train to always want to wear a diaper. Making a diaper the only thing touching your most sensitive skin and parts. You need to wear a diaper so you can always use it, where ever you are. Learn to love the soft feel and the security of always wearing a […]


Making Messes

You feel safe and happy, you are most happy when you can just be our little self. All cozy and warm in your jammies with your teddy, laying looking up at the painted stars on your ceiling. The stars comfort you and help you to get into little space where you are happy warm and […]